Texting Program

Person Texting 36000 on Cell Phone

Get City News Instantly on Your Cell Phone!

It's as Easy as Texting 36000!

Residents can stay informed of important City current events through the City of East Peoria Texting Program. Each City department has its own key word, so participants can choose to receive text message alerts from any department, or even all departments, of their choice. Users will access their texting feature on their cell phone. In the "To" field, simply type in 36000, hit OK, and in the message field, type in one of the following keywords:

  • Type C549 for EastSide Centre
  • Type C546 for East Peoria Police Department
  • Type C547 for East Peoria Fire Department
  • Type C548 for East Peoria Public Works
  • Type C448 for City of East Peoria (City Hall, Community Development and Festival of Lights)

Hit the send button on the phone. It's that easy! The process must be repeated for each desired department.

The service provides useful information to people who may not be near a television or radio. Messages include:

  • City of East Peoria - City office closures, current happenings in City Hall/Community Development, Festival of Lights notices, etc.
  • EastSide Centre - current happenings, special offers, new programs, etc.
  • Fire Department - car seat safety checks, emergency information such as gas leaks, etc.
  • Police - Amber alerts, collision alerts, parking bans, etc.
  • Public Works - water main breaks, boil orders, road closures, etc.

Participants can "opt out" of the service at any time by replying "STOP" to a text message. Normal texting charges will apply.