Festival Wreath


November 12 through December 31

About the Festival Wreath

High atop the city on Fon du Lac Drive sits the Festival of Lights' 30-foot wreath, welcoming all to East Peoria.

For the Festival's first 29 years, the wreath was a Ferris wheel. For the Festival's 30th anniversary four years ago, a new wreath was unveiled. The wreath's frame was created by Bessler Welding, and volunteers attached each light by hand.

Illuminated Festival Wreath

Wreath Details

  • The wreath measures 30 feet in diameter.
  • The wreath is illuminated with 80 tube-shaped lights, 1,000 light bulbs, and rope lights.
  • All of the lights are LED.
  • The wreath has 2,000 watts of light.
  • The wreath is on a timer so it will be off during the day and on at night.
  • The wreath is attached to a trailer, and the sides of the wreath fold in allowing for easy transport to and from the Fondulac Drive hill. This feature will also make the wreath much easier to store in the off-season.