Christmas Splendor Contest

East Peoria residents, businesses and neighborhoods certainly have their holiday spirit on display! Awards have been presented in the Christmas Splendor Exterior Decorating Contest, presented by the East Peoria Beautification Commission and part of the East Peoria Festival of Lights. There were 44 entries in this year's contest.

2021 Winners

Photos of all the winners (except for the Neighborhood Division) can be seen in a photo album on the East Peoria Beautification Commission's Facebook page.

Neighborhood Division - Barrington Lane, Cordell Country Estates 

Business Division

• 1st Place - Gary Deiters Funeral Home - 444 E. Washington St.

• 2nd Place - The Pickers Daughter - 125 E. Washington St.

Festive Inflatables Division

• 1st Place - Tyler & Erin Shoedel - 513 High Oak Dr.

• 2nd Place - Robert & Jessica Hunsicker - 225 Avondale Dr.

Folepi Christmas Splendor Division

• 1st Place - Toby & Sara Knowles -113 LaSalle Dr.

• 2nd Place - Donna Harmon - 600 Illini Dr.

Traditional Division

• 1st Place - Tom & Carla Christison - 105 Louis Ct.

• 2nd Place - Jack & Sandy Williams - 2336 Cole St.

Spirit Award Judges' Choice

• Eldon Brotherton - 1100 Meadow Ave


Awards were presented at the Tuesday, December 21, 2021 East Peoria City Council meeting. The first and second place winners of each building category and the winner of the Spirit Award received Festival of Lights ornaments. The Neighborhood Division winner received a yard sign.