Find Folepi Ornament Hunt

The ornament has been found!

The Find Folepi ornament has been found! It was found by Christopher Wilson of East Peoria, and it was in the watering can attached to the statue of Peg Bahnfleth in the reading garden at the Civic Plaza, 401 W. Washington St. The clues were all related to things that Peg Bahnfleth was involved in with East Peoria both civically and professionally. Congratulations Christopher!


There are paths you cannot take on your quest to find the prize,
But the info you derive from this will help you to decide.
Just who or what the clues apprise,
So, continue on the ride.

Be careful of what flies overhead,
You may think it is snow.
But it could be balls instead,
Or a birdie, one never knows!!

Things can be transformed before your very eyes,
You will wonder what has happened as the lights will show your course.
The reindeer will fly in the winter sky,
As the star lights with a force.

The reindeer can deliver to where ice cream use to be,
The treat now meant to be served upside down.
The building of doors, complete with 37,
Is just across the street, all the way around.

Be sure to wear your coat of many colors to keep you from the chill,
You may have to walk a long way as there will be a crowd.
Remember the spirit of Christmas is goodwill,
Please be respectful and only do what is allowed.


Here is your 7th turn to look about
Somewhere in the city, an ornament will sprout.
Take your time and look around
The pavements you will need to pound.

The order of things does not always go as planned,
What should be first can be last.
What is last could have been first.
We may not know as it is all in the past.

The winding roads will lead you
To places to explore.
Be careful of the elements
Or it could become a chore!

Higher learning had to wait
For books and tablets and learning to accrue.
'67 was just a bait,
For the permanent place in '72.

There are many things around here
To help you find your way.
Whatever path you decide to take
Will help you out someday.

If you hang around long enough,
You may be entertained.
Or get a good workout
And not just for your brain!


Area residents have a chance to win a package of prizes from local businesses if they can Find Folepi. A 3-inch, round, clear, acrylic Folepi ornament is inside a clear plastic bag and hidden outside somewhere on public property within the East Peoria city limits. The hiding place is outside and in a non-dangerous location. Clues will be issued weekly until the Folepi ornament is found.


Clues will be posted on Wednesdays on this page, as well as in the East Peoria Times-Courier, on the Festival of Lights Facebook page, and on a large Folepi cut-out located outdoors at the Festival Building at 2200 East Washington Street.


The ornament hunt is open to residents throughout Central Illinois. Those participating in the hunt must be respectful of property and park in safe locations that do not block traffic.

Hunt Sponsors

  • EastSide Centre
  • Lou's Drive-In
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Moe's Southwest Grill
  • Cummins Restaurant
  • Roc Ice Cream & Golf
  • Service Master of Central Illinois
  • Carl's Bakery
  • Culver's
  • Twistee Treat
  • Hampton Inn
  • Granite City
  • Stoney Creek Inn
  • Tequila's Mexican Bar & Grill
  • Prize basket made by Gladys Carter