Find Folepi Ornament Hunt


Congratulations to Laura Ulrich of East Peoria who found Folepi at 7:41 a.m. Wednesday, December 20 under a tree off the walking path by the lamp posts by the Bass Pro Shops parking lot.

She said she followed the clues, hunting every Wednesday and a few other days, and added that the clues absolutely led her to the hiding spot.


The fifth clue has never been needed,
But here you are, you have looked and looked.
If you have not found it in 6 days,
Your goose is cooked!

 As you pass the welcome sign,
the same twelve poles will light your way.
We have been told some of you are in the right place,
So do not detour or go astray.
The many animal tracks you see
Means you are on the right way.

Do not be afraid to step off your path,
With or without the snow,
You may need to move nature around a bit,
Without removing it from its local.

We hope the ornament will soon be found,
The prizes are waiting for you.
We hope you have had fun, we are waiting for a call,
Good luck and Merry Christmas to you all!


Over the river and through the woods,
I know we have used it before.
But if you see the red and green,
You have come near the shore.

If you are there, you need to take care,
The geese will be flying high.
Watch your step, the droppings are there,
Make sure you use your good eye!

The path will be lit by the lights shining bright,
Wandering around in the evening night.
If you hear the coo of a dove, it might be the wooing game,
You will know that the mate could be near in sight.

Before the lights dim, hunters may be seen,
Animals beware, the prints can give you away.
You may need to clear the path,
If the snow is drifted and covering your way.


Pine cones, berries, bows and lights,
Together will make a beautiful sight.
It can be hung on windows or doors,
Or put up for display to be seen by more.

The meaning can vary from place to place,
But this time of year with the birth of a special child,
We celebrate Christmas 12 different ways,
Until the Kings arrive.

The gifts we receive from those we love
May come one day at a time.
There may be silver, there may be gold,
There may be frankincense and myrrh.

And under the tree you will find,
many different gifts for all ages.
But tradition says not to open
Until Christmas day arrives.


Do you see the stars shining in the night? 
The light of the star could lead your way.
Led by the light beaming brightly on the hill,
You just might hear the angel’s voices.

Do you hear what I hear?
Is it the sound of children’s voices singing?
Could it be the sweet hymns of joy?
Or the silver church bells ringing?

Then here comes the wooden soldier marching
Hear the crowd cheering as the soldier is nearing.
On his way to where the baby lies in a stable,
The friendly beasts are around his cradle.

2 turtle doves high in the rafters,
Cooing the baby to sleep, thereafter.
Now the city is locked up tight,
All is quiet for the night.


A year has come and gone,
365 days to be exact.
So many Christmas traditions,
That we now can re-enact. 

It is Christmas time in the city,
All dressed in holiday style.
The sidewalks are busy with shoppers galore,
Greeting each other with smile after smile.
There is definitely a feeling of Christmas. 

If you are strolling along and you need cookies to share
Just follow the crumbs and you might find,
A tree, a star, an angel or snowman or two,
Decorated to your liking with just the right design. 

While strolling and shopping, the street lights you’ll see,
The carols you hear might just be the colly birds
Or a choir of angels bringing joy to your ears.


Area resiFind Folepi ornament WEBdents have a chance to win prizes if they can Find Folepi, an ornament hunt now in its 12th year. Each year, a 3-inch, round, clear, acrylic Folepi ornament is placed inside a clear plastic bag and hidden outside somewhere on public property within the East Peoria city limits. The hiding place is outside and in a non-dangerous location. Please respect property by putting things back the way you found them.

(The pictured ornament is indeed clear. It was sitting on a white surface when the photo was taken.)


Clues will be issued weekly on Wednesdays until the Folepi ornament is found. They will be on this webpage as well as on Facebook at East Peoria Festival of Lights and on Instagram at folepi_ep_festival_of_lights.


The lucky finder will get to keep the ornament, and will also win:

  •  A $250 VISA gift card
  • Five passes to the Folepi’s Winter Wonderland drive-through display
  • One 12-month EastSide Centre membership
  • Two overnight hotel stays, one each from Embassy Suites and Holiday Inn & Suites.

Who Can Hunt

The ornament hunt is open to residents throughout Central Illinois. Those participating in the hunt must be respectful of property and park in safe locations that do not block traffic.