Automatic Payment

Residents and businesses can pay water and sewer bills via automatic withdrawal from their bank accounts. This option offers convenience to water and sewer customers, and lowers the administrative cost and time incurred by the City Clerk's office in handling water and sewer payments.

Sign Up for Automatic Payment

Those wishing to use this payment system must download the Automatic Payment Authorization Form which authorizes the City to draw debits or drafts for water and sewer payments.

Information required on the form include the customer's name and address, full name and address of the financial institution, the account number and bank transit routing number (both numbers are printed on checks), and a withdrawal limit amount. A signature is also required. Staff in the City Clerk's office can assist customers with filling out the forms.

How quickly this payment option takes effect for a customer depends on when the application is submitted in the water and sewer billing cycle. It remains in effect indefinitely unless a 30-day notice of cancellation is submitted.

Download the Automatic Payment Authorization Form (PDF).

More Information

For more information on automatic payments, call 309-698-4715.