Vacancy List

About the Vacancy List

View the vacancy list (PDF)

The East Peoria Housing Authority (EPHA) offers a vacancy list as a courtesy to help match up available rental units and tenants. The list contains:

  • Unit’s address
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Type of housing
  • Landlord’s name and phone number

We only update this list when contacted by landlords requesting their unit be added or removed from the list. Please note that you will find many units on the list that have already been rented. Please do not call us to report such, instead inform the landlord that this unit is still listed as vacant and to please call the housing authority to have it removed.  

Anyone, not just EPHA participants, can utilize this list. If you are not already approved for our housing program, renting a unit from this list will be on your own without financial assistance from our program.

We do not mail this list out or read it over the phone. You may continue to check it here online or pick up a hard-copy of the vacancy list at the front counter of East Peoria City Hall at:
401 W Washington Street
East Peoria, IL 61611