Business Inspections

Commercial Business & Multi-Family Resident Fire & Safety Inspection Program

Firefighters annually visit every commercial business and multi-family dwelling in the City of East Peoria as part of the Commercial Business and Multi-Family Resident Fire and Safety Inspection Program.

Firefighters conduct safety and familiarization inspections annually to ensure commercial businesses and multi-family dwellings comply with city, state and national codes. The goal of the program is to ensure a safe atmosphere for those who work at, patronize or visit a business or live in a multi-family residence in East Peoria.

In addition, the inspections allow firefighters to familiarize themselves with the layout of a building, which is important in case the building catches fire or incurs some type of massive damage.

Items Inspected

  • Building address visible on front
  • Compressed gas cylinders properly chained
  • Electrical panel free of debris
  • Emergency lights working when tested
  • Exits clear of debris
  • Exit signs lighted
  • Exterior storage conditions
  • Fire alarm condition
  • Fire alarm system inspection form
  • Fire extinguishers within expiration
  • Fire hydrants clear
  • Fire pump conditions
  • Fire pump inspection form
  • Gas meters clear
  • General housekeeping
  • Hazardous materials present
  • Interior storage conditions
  • Isles clear
  • Kitchen hood system inspection form
  • Knox Box present
  • Occupancy load signs posted
  • Sprinkler system condition
  • Sprinkler system inspection forms
  • Stairways clear
  • Standpipe condition