Knox-Box Compliance


The Knox-Box® Rapid Entry System provides non-destructive emergency access to buildings. They are required per City ordinance.

A Knox Box® is a key lock box that must be installed near the main entrance of commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings. A key or keys to the structure is locked inside the box. Fire department personnel can open the box and use the key to access the business in the event of a fire.

Exempt Structures

  • Any building protected and patrolled at all times by security guards
  • Buildings open for business 24 hours a day
  • Buildings owned or occupied by local, state or federal units of government
  • Multi-family residential complexes that do not have locked doors or gates
  • Nursing homes

Penalties can be imposed on people who neglect or refuse to comply with the ordinance.

Read the Knox Box Ordinance (PDF)

Placement of the Box

The box must be 3 to 5 feet off the ground in front of the building, attached to a substantial building support.

To Order

Call toll-free 866-625-4563 or visit the Knox Box website.

Visit the Knox Box website.

When ordering, specify the box is the 3200 Series for use in the City of East Peoria. The box should be either a surface mount or a flush mount. For more information, contact the assistant fire chief on duty at 309-698-4700.