Residential Properties For Sale

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From time to time, the City acquires residential property which it seeks to sell to interested parties. Typically, these properties are unimproved but ready to have a new home constructed on them. All properties are sold “as is”.


In addition to properties being available through the City's real estate agent, a select number of properties are available via sealed bid to be submitted to the City by 6PM, Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

Please see the notice below which identifies the available properties.  The high bid for each property requires 3/4 City Council approval.  Contact the Department of Planning & Community Development at 309.698.4750 should you have questions about any of the available properties.

Description of Surplus Real Estate

-Public Notice -

Please see the resolutions below for new property for sale.  All interested parties in these properties are encouraged to contact the City's real estate agent, Aaron Cody.

Resolution #1

Resolution #2


If you are interested in any of the City's residential properties identified in the "Public Notice" section of this page, please email the City's real estate agent, Aaron Cody or visit his website.