Sewer Capital Charge

City water bills now include a Sewer Capital Charge, noted in the Current Charges section of the bill as "SWR CAPT."


The cost for the first four phases of the wastewater plant upgrades is approximately $46,500,000. In order to raise the capital necessary to pay for such a construction project, the sewer rate is raised as follows:

  • 20% the first year (2017)
  • 15% the second year (2018)
  • 11% the third year (2019)
  • 10% in the fourth and fifth years (2020 & 2021)

All proceeds will be used to build a new waste water treatment facility. This was passed by the East Peoria City Council by Ordinance 4323 (PDF), dated February 21, 2017.

Learn about the wastewater treatment plant upgrade and why it is necessary.