Sewer Capital Charge

City water bills now include a Sewer Capital Charge, noted in the Current Charges section of the bill as "SWR CAPT."


The cost for the first four phases of the wastewater plant upgrades is approximately $46,500,000. In order to raise the capital necessary to pay for such a construction project, the sewer rate is raised as follows:

  • 20% the first year (2017)
  • 15% the second year (2018)
  • 11% the third year (2019)
  • 10% in the fourth and fifth years (2020 & 2021)

All proceeds will be used to build a new waste water treatment facility. This was passed by the East Peoria City Council February 21, 2017.

Read Ordinance 4323 (PDF) to learn about the Sewer Capital Charge.