Services & Repairs

The Pipe

  1. PVC Gravity Sewer Pipe. All PVC sewer pipe shall conform to the standard specification of the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) and unless otherwise indicated, shall have a standard dimension ration (SDR 26). PVC sewer pipe shall have a bell and spigot joint with rubber gaskets.
  2. All joints shall be made with rubber gaskets, which are free from defects and installed in a workmanlike manner.
  3. Prohibited materials: Not permitted for use in any sewer connection or construction are pipes known as:
    • Clay
    • Composition
    • Concrete
    • Fiber type
    • Slip seal
  4. The house sanitary connection shall be of 6-inch PVC pipe or 6-inch cast iron pipe; except that within 5 feet of the exterior wall of a building it shall be of cast iron pipe, schedule 40 pipe or schedule 80 pipe.

Laying of Pipe

  1. The sanitary sewer connection to buildings, other than those built on a slab, shall enter the building through the basement wall. Gravity connections are acceptable for fixtures only on floors, which are entirely above finished grade. Any fixture connected below grade shall be connected to a pumping system, which is both approved by the Director of Public Works and designed for use in building sanitary systems.
  2. Prior to back filling, the line must be inspected by the Wastewater Department. If no call is received for inspection, you may be asked to dig up so inspections may be made. This will be done at the contractor's expense.
  3. Pipe should be bedded per the manufacturer's specification.
  4. Clean-outs are required for all new construction/spot repairs.