Contractor Guidelines

Contractor List

View the City of East Peoria's Sewer Contractor List (PDF).


  1. Must be a licensed contractor with the Wastewater Department. Cost of the license is $35. This permit is valid from May 1 through April 30 and must be renewed yearly. This list is available by contacting the Public Works Department.
  2. Contractors are required to have a license that lists the City of East Peoria as additionally insured and a $10,000 bond prior to the license being issued.


  1. Excavator must be licensed with the Wastewater Department.
  2. A permit fee of $750 for a residential or commercial building construction sewer permit shall be paid to the city at the time the application is filed. A permit fee of $30 for an alteration or repair sewer permit shall be paid at the time the application is filed.


  1. A permit is required to be taken out prior to demolition. The permit fee is $30 and work must be done by licensed contractor.
  2. When acquiring the permit, the contractor should ask for the Tee location for the site. The contractor is now required to cap the line as close to the main as possible.
  3. The capping of the line must be inspected prior to backfilling.