Sewer Maintenance

Sewer Maintenance Truck

The Sewer Maintenance Department is responsible for the inspections and cleaning of all municipal sanitary sewer and storm sewers within the City of East Peoria.

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Maintenance History

The Department was established in 1994 to identify problems in the existing sanitary sewer system and storm system. These problem areas manifested themselves during the prolonged episodes of flooding caused by a series of severe storms in 1992.

Since being established, this Department has helped tremendously in locating problem areas throughout the City and has decreased the amount of storm water entering the sanitary sewer system.

Equipment & Personnel

Equipment and personnel were added to perform routine inspections and maintenance on all storm and sanitary sewers on a regular basis. The program consists of regular catch basin and storm sewer cleaning as well as inspections and cleaning of sanitary sewers. Visual inspections are performed with TV equipment. This helps identify existing and potential pipe integrity problems that may require excavation and repair.