Water Department Facts

Water Production

Eleven wells and four water treatment facilities provide up to seven million gallons of drinking water per day.

Water Distribution

Approximately 120 miles of water mains deliver the water to your tap.

Water Quality Assurance

Licensed EPA Certified Water Treatment Operators operate the water facilities. Several hundred tests are performed monthly to assure the highest quality water possible is distributed to residents and businesses.

Fire Hydrant Maintenance

The City's distribution crew maintains the fire hydrants to provide the protection residents need. Annual flushing, testing and maintenance assures the Fire Department that the hydrants will function properly in the case that they are ever needed. This also assures that any rust sediment is flushed out.

Water Main Maintenance & Repair

Seven full-time water distribution specialists maintain the water mains and are ready for any emergency, including main breaks to assure that any service interruption is as short as possible.

Boil Advisory Issuance

Sometimes in emergency situations, such as main breaks, it is necessary to issue a boil advisory to assure residents' safety. The water crew notifies by door hanger on the front door of those homes affected, or CodeRED notification will be issued. The boil advisory may also be  sent to all TV and radio stations and newspapers in the area. 

Draining of Swimming Pools

Residents are encouraged to contact the City of East Peoria Public Works Department if they are going to be draining their pools into the street or onto any other surface that could be mistaken as a water main break. This will help reduce the number of false alarms and cut down on unnecessary overtime.

Residents should contact the Public Works Department at 309-698-4716 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. If a pool must be drained after hours, a call to the police non-emergency number at 309-698-4700 will also prevent a false water main break being reported.