Police Department


The East Peoria Police Department is the most visible of all the city departments. Police officers work round the clock to keep neighborhoods and business districts safe. Among the goals of the police department, preserving life and ensuring safety to the residents of the community, as well as promoting awareness to prevent crime is of the top priority.

The department services 22 square miles, and a population of 23,402.

Department Divisions

  • Command Staff
  • Investigations Division
  • One resource officer assigned to East Peoria Community High School
  • Two tactical officers belong to the Central Illinois Emergency Response Team (CIERT) and ILEAS statewide tactical response team
  • Uniformed Patrol Division

Reporting Important Address Information

Residents who have important information about family members or items in the home can call the East Peoria Police Department at 309-698-4700 and have those details added to their address. Important information to report includes: 

  • Hearing-impaired and vision-impaired residents
  • Having a large amount of oxygen bottles in a home
  • A hidden key location in case of medical emergency
  • Information on a bedridden resident who might need to be rescued in the event of a fire