Staying Safe

  1. Four Simple Rules
  2. Home & Apartment Guidelines
  3. Retail Store Guidelines

Basic crime prevention follows four simple rules:

  1. Keep people visible and easily observable. Features such as lighting, landscaping, and fencing create natural barriers making potential wrong-doers more conspicuous.
  2. Make people feel a sense of safety while simultaneously letting the potential criminal know that others may be watching their behavior. 
  3. Create a sense of ownership by taking pride in your property. Send a message that you protect your property and your belongings. The majority of criminals look for easy targets. Well-maintained properties do not convey themselves as easy targets.
  4. Properly secure yourself and your property. Lock your car when you leave it, even if it is just for a brief moment. Don't leave your windows and doors open when you go to bed at night or leave your house unlocked when you leave for work.