War Memorial Veterans Street Naming Program


The City of East Peoria is honoring its residents who have died in military service through its War Memorial Veterans Street Naming Program. The names of East Peoria's war dead can be placed on a sign below the street sign of where a surviving family member resides. The sign will be installed by city staff and displayed for five years, then given to the surviving family member.

In Loving Memory of SGG Paul Smith Memorial Sign

Program Policy

  1. "War dead" refers to those persons who died or went missing in action while serving in active military duty during any war, military action or any peacekeeping action in which the United States played an active military role.
  2. The war dead who will be honored in this manner are those men and women who were residents of the City of East Peoria at the time they served.
  3. Only surnames are used.
  4. If the name is approved, a sign will be made and notification will be sent when it will be erected.
  5. Signs will be brown with reflective white lettering.
  6. Wording on the sign is the following: "In loving memory of (person's rank and name).

Online Form

Fill out the War Memorial Veterans Street Naming Form.

To ask any questions about the program, call East Peoria City Hall at 309-698-4715.