Messages Program - CodeRED Text, Phone & Email

About CodeRED

Sign up to get community and emergency notifications using the free CodeRED system. The registration process is easy, and messages can be sent to your specific geographic location. You can choose to receive messages and alerts via your landline phone, mobile phone or email. Text messages will come through a mobile device's normal texting function. Register multiple addresses (home, work) for information specific to your location.

By registering for a free managed account, users will have access to modify existing notification settings and contact information. Users can opt out of text messages at any time by replying STOP to 31678 or 76127 or 76993. 

Emergency Notifications

Emergency notifications can be geographically targeted to the addresses and areas affected. Emergency messages include:

  • Boil advisories
  • Parking bans
  • Severe road conditions or closures
  • Law enforcement emergencies
  • Weather emergencies

Geographically targeting emergency messages, such as a boil advisory, means that the message will go out to only the addresses and areas affected.

Community Messages  

Users can also receive community messages about events and information from City Hall, Public Works, Police, Fire, EastSide Centre, special events and even updates from the Fon du Lac Park District.

Sign Up For Messages/Log In To Account

To sign up for the service, click the blue Sign Up button in the picture and follow the prompts.

Note:  You will be prompted to create a user name and password.

  • Username must be at least 6 characters, lower case.
  • The password must be 8 characters and a number, and is case sensitive.

If you already have an account and want to review your information or make changes or additions, click the blue Sign Up button in the picture. On the screen that appears, look at the upper right side for the words "Already have an account? Login" and click on the word "login".

(Users who change their telephone service provider any time after signing up for a CodeRED account will need to log in and select the new provider.)

Residents are also encouraged to install the free CodeRED Mobile Alert app on their mobile devices, available in the App Store on IPhone and Google Play on Android. The app provides geographically specific emergency mobile notifications targeted to the exact location of the mobile device, so messages can be received whether in East Peoria or in another community which uses the CodeRED system. Emergency notifications received through the mobile app show a map of the affected area and use an emergency alert tone. 

The mobile alert app is a separate registration. Those registering for the mobile app do not need to sign up for its enhanced weather subscription.

For more information, call Jill Peterson at 309-427-7768.