Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

The Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade project began in 2019 with Farnsworth as the Engineering Firm and Williams Brothers as the General Contractor.

After a comprehensive study it was determined by City staff and by the City's engineers that the wastewater treatment plants needed to be updated to current Illinois Environmental Protection Agency standards and rehabilitated for system reliability. These updates are necessary for the three following reasons: 

  1. The two wastewater treatment plants in operation were built in 1930 and 1967. The overall condition of the plants are beyond their life expectancy and are showing signs of deterioration.
  2. The IEPA has changed its regulatory requirements and the current plant design will not facilitate meeting those requirements. This plant redesign will help meet those requirements and known future regulatory changes.
  3. Increased capacity is needed for population growth, storm water inflows and regulatory requirements. 

This planned upgrade has five construction phases. Phases A, B and C repair or replace the wastewater treatment plants while adding the ability to control flow between the plants. Increased plant capacity and storm water retention are also addressed during phases A,B and C. Phases D and E will address system controls and automation while ensuring IEPA regulatory requirements are met.

Use the navigation menu or the links below to see photos by project phase. Phases A, B and C are each running concurrently.