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Message from Mayor John Kahl Regarding City of East Peoria Reopening Plan

May 15, 2020 - As we continue to navigate through uncertain times, the East Peoria City Council stands united in its support of the Tri-County Phased Reopening Plan submitted to Governor Pritzker on April 29, 2020. As the elected leaders of the City of East Peoria, we remain committed to reopening our community in a measured, reasonable approach on behalf of those whom we serve. The Peoria region continues to meet the metrics used in the determination of moving from phase to phase. The East Peoria City Council is supportive of the continuance of Phase 1 of the Tri-County Phased Reopening Plan.

The Peoria County Health Department, the City of Peoria and Peoria County submitted the Heart of Illinois Plan to the IDPH and Governor Pritzker last week. The HOI Plan is a sub-regional plan with many similar elements as those within the Tri-County Plan. The goal of the East Peoria City Council continues to be one of a regional approach to reopening. We will be following many aspects of the HOI Protocols to be used as guidelines for those individuals and businesses choosing to reopen within East Peoria Corporate limits as part of the Tri-County Phased Reopening Plan.

The Tri-County Phased Reopening Plan does not compel any business or any individual to reopen or to take any action, including any that might be contrary to the directives found in the Governor’s Executive Order 2020-32. All are free to strictly abide by all aspects of the Governor’s latest order should they so choose.

The implementation of the Tri-County Phased Reopening Plan is a declaration by the Mayor that any business or any individual who takes steps toward reopening consistent with its guidelines, including those relating to precautionary health measures for the particular phase that applies, will have the full support of the City government.

Consequently, no City official, including police officers, will take any step to discourage anyone from reopening or taking any action consistent with the Tri-County Phased Reopening Plan.

The individuals or business that are licensed by the State must consult with the respective licensing authority and, if they choose, their private legal counsel concerning the consequences of taking any action inconsistent with the Governor’s latest order.

Actions that are contrary to the Tri-County Phased Reopening Plan are discouraged by the City, but formal enforcement measures will be taken only if authority to do so is made clear by decision of a court with jurisdiction over the City or by specific guidelines from the Tazewell County State’s Attorney’s office.

Remember, the Tri-County Phased Reopening Plan, including timelines, is subject to change depending on further developments, including receipt of updated medical data and guidelines from the local healthcare providers and health departments.

We encourage our residents to exercise personal responsibility, to remain respectful and to remain supportive as we take necessary steps to protect public health, while at the same time protecting the businesses that serve our community.

Download the May 15 statement from Mayor John Kahl regarding the City of East Peoria Reopening Plan (PDF).

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