Water Guidelines for Business Reopening

Returning Water Systems to Regular Use after Extended Periods of Reduced Use

The CDC has provided general guidance and recommended actions to reduce plumbing and water quality concerns for businesses and buildings as they re-open after an extended period of reduced use.  For detailed information, please visit:  

CDC Water System Info


Maintain or Restoring Water Quality

Here is a brief summary of this guidance.  Please see the guidance in its entirety:

  •  All water valves should be opened and closed slowly and turned on systematically.
  • All floor drains should be filled by slowly pouring water into them.  Water filling the pipes acts as a trap for sewer gases and vapors.
  • Systematically flush all water service lines to the building (to include the draining of water heaters and water storage tanks). 
  • Remove all faucet aerators, disinfect or discard, and replace after flushing is completed.
  • Follow water treatment equipment manufacturer’s recommendations prior to restarting equipment (e.g. filters, softeners, etc.) and assess if equipment should be by-passed when flushing.
  • Remove shower and mop room hoses, wands, and heads, disinfect or discard ad replace after flushing.
  • If you have any questions, please contact East Peoria Water Department at 309-698-4715.