Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes can be an unwelcome occurence when Central Illinois experiences extremely cold temperatures and wind chills. Frozen water pipes can result in an inconvenient disruption of water service and possibly burst pipes. 

Run A Thin Stream of Water

On bitterly cold days and nights, home and business owners should leave a small, pencil lead-size stream of water running in a faucet. This is especially important for those whose water pipes have previously frozen. A pencil lead-size stream of water running for 12 hours costs only a few cents but can prevent a plumbing bill costing hundreds of dollars.

Other tips for prevention of frozen pipes include sealing openings to crawl spaces and unheated basements; allowing some heat into unheated basements where pipes are subject to freezing; and opening sink cabinet doors on outside walls to allow heat to reach pipes.

Action to Take if Pipes Freeze

If pipes do freeze, the Public Works Department will check to see if the problem is in the city’s piping or the homeowner’s pipes. The city will thaw frozen meters if the problem is in the city’s pipes once per season at no charge.

Prevention in a Vacant Building

Those who are leaving their homes or offices for an extended period, such as a vacation, should call the city’s water billing department at 309-698-4715 and ask to have the service temporarily shut off.