Water Service Line Survey

The nation’s community water departments have been mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency to identify every water customers’ service line (the water line coming into your residence) as well as the identification of your interior plumbing. Residents need to investigate the main water line that enters their dwelling and respond to East Peoria Public Works with the type of water line found on the inside as well as the material used for the majority of the interior plumbing.  

It is very important that this information is submitted to Public Works. If a survey response is not received, Public Works crews will be forced to dig in a resident's yard to identify the water line.

In the following months, East Peoria Water Department personnel will also follow the EPA's mandate by identifying their water mains and lines as well.

Water Line Types

Look at the numbered items and the corresponding numbered item in the photo to determine the type of water line that enters your dwelling.

  1. Images of pipes and valves with numbers 1 2 3 4 beside themLead - pipe resembles a snake that has swallowed a mouse and may be curved
  2. Galvanized - has thicker, threaded fittings
  3. Copper - the color of a penny and may have greenish corrosion
  4. Plastic - usually black or blue in color and is smooth
  5. Unknown - many times it is difficult to determine the type of pipe. A Public Works representative can be sent out to identify the pipe.

The EPA also requires identification of interior plumbing. A dwelling may have several different kinds of pipes. For this survey, please pick only one, which is the material that was primarily used.

Complete the Water Service Line Survey.

Optional - Text the Information

If you prefer, you can text the information to Public Works. Using your smartphone, simply take a picture of the line where it enters the home and text the photo to:


Remember to include your address in the text and the type of water plumbing at the home.