2023 Street Improvements

Street improvements will take place in East Peoria from April through September 2023. The work and schedules are weather dependent.

Residential Street Projects

Many streets in East Peoria will be spray patched, heat scarified, sealcoated, and fog coated which is a thin coat of sealers which seals in the surface.

Heat Scarification

Heat scarification, or Hot In-Place Asphalt Recycling, is a cost effective process involving restoration of existing asphalt surfaces in preparation for a thin overlay. The pavement is heated to soften the existing roadway followed by multiple rows of scarifying teeth that are pulled through the softened material. The process remixes the old material, interrupts the cracks and provides preliminary leveling. If needed, an asphalt modifier is added to re-introduce chemical components to the aged asphalt that were lost to oxidation and thereby restart the aging process. Additional leveling and redistribution of the mixed material, performed by a paving screen, re-establishes the street's original profile allowing for proper drainage to occur. The material is immediately compacted and the street can be opened to traffic.

Residents of streets being heat scarified will be notified in advance by handouts of the approximate day and time the work will take place. During the time of heat scarification, vehicles should not be parked on the street. The only time homeowners will not be able to enter or leave their property is the 10 minutes or so that the machines are directly in front of the driveway.

After the operations are complete, residents may notice a browning of trees and shrubs that occurs due to the extreme heat needed to soften the pavement. Extensive studies have shown this is only a temporary effect causing no long term harm to the foliage.

Road Work Schedule

The work schedule, which is weather dependent, is:

  • May - spray patching
  • June and July - heat scarification
  • July and August - sealcoating
  • August and September - fog coating

All roads in the following lists will be spray patched and fog coated. Some roads are also scheduled for heat scarification and sealcoating, and others will receive sealcoating only.

View the map of the 2023 Street Improvements (PDF)

  1. Heat Scarification and Sealcoat
  2. Sealcoat Only
  • Briar Court
  • Carriage Court
  • Heatherview Drive
  • Grandview Avenue
  • Keil Avenue
  • Pekin Avenue
  • Highland Avenue
  • Oakdale Avenue
  • Prospect Avenue
  • Randolph Avenue
  • Crescent Avenue
  • Vonachen Court
  • Hickory Point Lane
  • West Glen Street
  • Ridge Lane
  • Arnold Road
  • Center Street
  • Stewart Street
  • Plateau Court
  • Centennial Drive (frontage road)
  • Catalina
  • Osage Drive
  • Rio Drive
  • Siesta Drive
  • Siesta Lane
  • Meadow Lane
  • Mabee Avenue
  • Alice Avenue
  • Hermann
  • Francis Court
  • Claremont Avenue
  • Gardenia Avenue
  • South Hawthorne
  • Lincoln Parkway
  • Wheeler Court
  • Arrowhead Court
  • Blackhawk Court
  • Scenic Bluff
  • Fawn Haven Drive
  • Sara Street
  • Cole Street
  • Bloomington Road
  • Muller Road