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East Peoria Police Department - Request for Inspection or Copying of Public Records

  1. Name of Person Making Request
  2. Address of Person Making Request
  3. Telephone of Person Making Request
  4. Summary of Request Being Made
  5. Describe in detail the Public Records you are Requesting and State whether you wish to Inspect and/or Copy such Records
  6. The East Peoria Police Department will respond to the above request within FIVE (5) WORKING DAYS FROM THE DATE OF REQUEST UNLESS ONE OR MORE OF THE SEVEN (7) REASONS FOR AN EXTENSION OF TIME PROVIDED FOR IN SECTION 3 (E) OF THE ACT ARE INVOKED BY THE POLICE DEPARTMENT. By submitting this form, you authorize the East Peoria Police Department to redact any dates of birth from any documents which may be released to you in response to your FOIA request. This may expedite the processing of your request.
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